Green Munduk Arabica Giling Basah


Unroasted Beans: These wet hulled beans have a  deep green color. Careful roasting yields a heavy bodied, herbal sweet coffee.

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The deep green color of these beans is amazing. This is due to the Wet Hull or Giling Basah  processing method used traditionally in Indonesia, and primarily in Sumatra.  These beans, as with the Honey Process, still have some of the flesh of the cherry attached during the drying process. However, the beans are sent through the hulling machine where the parchment surrounding the coffee bean is stripped off when the coffee is not yet completely dried (25-35% moisture content). The whitish green beans are then spread out in the sun until they reach an 11-14% moisture level.

Giling Basah coffees have terrific body and an herbal sweetness.

When roasting this coffee you might consider a pre-drying, where the coffee is kept in the drum at a low temperature (50 degrees) until the intense deep green color lessens. This will even out the moisture content so your end product will come out more uniformly roasted.

These beans respond well to City+ roast and darker roasts.

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